February 11, 2015


Since 2007 I've had the honor of sharing my recovery journey with you.  Over the years I've shared many ups and downs and tried to pass on the lessons life was teaching me.  More recently, in 2014 I told you about the Benedictine path I'm on and tried to blend that with recovery principles.

For those who've been following my columns each week this is especially for you...

For the last four years God has given my very clear instructions for my blog with topics, templates and outlines. That has not been the case for 2015. I've tried to press through since January but feel like I'm trudging blindly through mud. 

My husband and I are in a life transition and it's time I seek new direction from the Lord, so I will be taking a break from writing for a while. I hope to return soon with a renewed vision from the Lord.

I am so thankful to those who've been supportive of my humble blog. I appreciate your prayers during this season of transition. Thanks and blessings... Tamara

Image credit: / 123RF Stock Photo