June 15, 2016

Launch Out Into The Deep!

It's incredibly easy to get complacent in life; to accept mediocrity and stay safely attached to the harbor.

God has bigger plans for us.  Many times we're afraid to step into the calling God has put on our heart. It seems too daunting, not feasible, even impossible. We doubt our abilities and qualifications. 

Will it require a storm to break our harbor ties? 
We won't grow if we stay in the comfortable harbor waters. When we are in this place of stagnation, force is often required before we will make a change.
Are we willing to launch out into the unknown with Him? 
It's scary to begin a new voyage. The waters may be choppy and the sky cloudy. But if we listen carefully Jesus is calling us...
"Launch out into the deep and be prepared for the catch of your life." ~ Luke 5:4 

Image credit: sifotography / 123RF Stock Photo